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  • Olivia Emily Louise Slatter

University life as an ASD student

University was intimidating on day one. There was confusion about where to go and what to do. There was excitement and nervousness. Everyone struggled to find their footing in this new environment. The journey could be successful with a bit of courage.

As I began my journey, I was determined and perseverant. As the day progressed, they faced challenges and obstacles, but they kept pushing through my fears and doubts. They learned to rely on each other and work together to overcome any obstacle that came up.

Everyone was determined to make the journey a success.

Getting used to different time tables was daunting, and the early morning wake up call was hard to get used to. I had to get my little dog Maisie settled in as well. She is only 13 months old, and she is an ESA 'Emotional Support Animal'. After years of abuse in the education circuit, my nerves were very high, and Maisie helped calm me down.

But now after all the years of struggle, I am now at one of the most national leading conservitoire's in the world.

My education journey in bullet points. (For people with processing disorders)

  • X2 primary schools, got put on a doctor's sick note and left primary school early, due to bullying and mental wellbeing, undagnosed at this point and not having the right support.

  • Secondary education, I was bullied by members of staff and pupils because I was substantially different, and had some learning difficulties. I was underweight, and i ended up in Willow Bank Hospital school towards my end of GCSE year, still undiagnosed.

  • I missed about 5 years of academia due to my disabilities not being recognised.

  • Ended up going to college, as I wasnt sure what I wanted to do, and didnt think music was an option.

  • Did my music A-level at the age of 21 years old, which I completed by the time I was 22, I got diagnosedeventually at the age of 21...

  • Major pandemics hit.

  • Did my foundation degree and passed.

  • Now im studdying full time at Leeds Conservitoire. BA hons Music (Classical).

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