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Olivia and Anna Conquers Number 10 Downing Street

Olivia and Anna went to Number 10 Downing Street, to help support autistic individuals and the lack of education and discrimination, both within education and the workplace.

Olivia said to the education minister, 'Her education failed due to lack of understanding within the education system, teachers don't know nor are equipped to deal with people on the autistic spectrum.

The stem projects need to provide further government funding for lower-funded education and as someone who didn't have the opportunity to study astronomy, nor IT or most of the stem projects.

Olivia further added that every child deserves an opportunity for equal education, and therefore autism needs to be spotted earlier than the age of 6, as that is the prime of their education.

Olivia then further discussed the abuse that happened within her education, by teachers and students for being different, and because the teacher didn't understand that a lack of social understanding was an autistic trait Olivia said she didn't get diagnosed until she was 21 years of age, this has left Olivia in a difficult position due to coming out of education with limited GCSE's due to being kicked out of education due to lack of understanding, finding employment, like many other autistic individuals 85% of us are unemployed and 15% of us are either in an underpaid role or overqualified for their role.

Due to the lack of education, and sufficient understanding within the workplace, and higher education, Olivia has been left homeless Olivia said'.

Anna supported Olivia in her statement and proved the statistics within her speech. And we both found the experience both educational and fascinating. Olivia was very nervous about the speech, and very nearly didn't but Ingmar Kamalagharan a representative from the UK Space Agency, gave Olivia encouragement alongside Anna, and support.

Further responses from 10 Downing Street, and the Minister of education, will soon inform Its Olivias World, and DR Anna Kennady Online Charity and I will update the blog posts.

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Aug 24, 2023

what an extraordinary thing to have achieved look out for you have come I am so very proud of you Olivia keep going honey love Sandy kiss kiss


Maria A l Zani
Maria A l Zani
Aug 24, 2023

that amazing Olivia you are changing the UK education system to who support autistic individuals and the lack of education and discrimination, both within education and the workplace. DR Anna Kennedy Online Charity and your own foundation Olivia's world you are changing lives xx

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