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About Born Anxious 

Kellie Croft started born anxious to attempt to communicate with people in times we were misunderstood experiencing the world. It has encouraged kindness for us and changed how we have experienced things as a family, The clothing also meets sensory needs as there are no labels and we use organic fabrics.

We have been running 4 years and have achieved so much, with so much support from everyone. We plan to continue doing just that; donate to charities, continue our work as charity champions for Anna Kennedy Online and Work For Good UK, and continue building on our collaborations -working together with other organisations and charities that contribute to positive outcomes for people with disabilities,

I’m extremely proud of Born Anxious and although I have no full time staff, I do work closely with an amazing designer Amy and I do have a PR company and a tech support, plus many many loyal supporters - all of whom I could not do without; it really is everyone’s label to celebrate.

We have so many amazing things coming up this year as we continue networking and growing and we want to be able to share it with you first hand.

I have been approached many times to sell born anxious which is a social enterprise, at points this is consistent and the answer is always the same - Born Anxious is not and will never be for sale it is Oscar’s journey, it isn’t equatable to a figure. If we did not own it, it simply wouldn’t be genuine, as they are our experiences.

I hope you feel you might know me a little better now, I look forward to getting to know you all a little better also x e sharing with others in a bid to connect.

It's Olivia's World Merch Coming Soon! 

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