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The Members 

Members and Sponsors only 

Members and sponsors will be able to join in on our monthly zoom calls, and education services. We will provide a group chat that is provided via Includability, Paul and I are working towards creating a community for people with invisible and visible disabilities. We hope to provide a positive environment where people can chat talk and find long-time friends and we hope to try and create something incredible. 

To be a member of It's Olivia's World, please sign up on our website. 

The perks of signing up will be, a weekly subscription letter to let you know who will be on our podcast, and a chance to join the chat room on our webpage, members eventually will have other options when they join, as it's Olivia's world evolves, we will also let you know about our sponsors and information about our team, and the different services they produce. 

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Olivia Slatter  (CEO/Founder) 

The Members 

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