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Sharon Spink's story!

Sharon Spink is a disabled, neurodivergent, Spotlight-registered actor, voiceover artist, producer & poet from Leeds. She has over 60 credits, ranging from film, tv, theatre, radio & corporate productions & has more recently become a producer.

She is passionate, empowering & confident and has an optimistic, fun-loving personality with an excellent attitude to work. She is an asset to any production team, either in front or behind the camera, as a valuable crew member.

As well as acting, Sharon is a proofreader, and occasional make-up artist & in 2018 co-wrote, produced & played the lead role in her first short film, Bruised Reflections. In her spare time and being a mum of 4 & carer to her youngest child, she is also an avid poetry writer, hoping one day to publish her first book of poems. She puts her poetry writing skills down to her ancestry; being a descendant of Lord Byron, the 18th-century poet.

If you want to find out more about Sharon then take a look at her Linktree:

We look forward to interviewing Sharon for "Pauls and Olivia's Podcast".

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