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New Year New Start!!

Some people are filled with new years resolutions, what's yours in 2023 quite often people put a lot of pressure on themselves, over the new year whether it's to lose weight, not to drink so much or stop smoking.

but however setting realistic goals is essential, to maintain motivation, and to stop completely all these bad habits we have consumed over the years, or the habits we have maintained to get through the pandemic in March 2020.

Never be pushed by society, to start these resolutions as it can be detrimental to our mental well-being if it's not achieved, and in order to set realistic goals, you need to clarify your own lifestyle and how it's achievable.

For instance, mine is learning to play a new instrument, you have to find the time to set a schedule to fit it in, maybe right a plan, to make this specific goal more achievable for yourself, things won't change overnight and I think as humans, with technology the way it is and how fast everything is getting I think we can be rather impatient with achieving these goals, and that's why most of us tend to give up when we are not seeing immediate results, but to master anything takes time and a lot of effort and practice into our daily lives.

so no matter what goal you have set to achieve, it's possible you just have to find the right head space, comment down below what your New Year resolution is.

It's Olivia's World

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