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Bryony Moss Story!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Bryony is 24 and is based near London, she has a disability called cerebral palsy and which affects her right hemiplegia, and she has a learning disability and mental health conditions. Bryony is an actress, and model and advocates for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Her disability affects her on a day-to-day basis for example it can take her longer to do tasks like cutting up food, and it takes longer for Bryony than her fellow peers.

She has non-epileptic seizures, which can make her get tired quickly. She has a support worker that helps in her home and helps her go out and about within her community to do activities.

She joined the acting and modelling industry, as she didn’t see people that looked like her, and she has always been a creative individual… so she thought that what better way by joining the industry and changing that and putting more people like me on TV and working in the industry, ‘I wanted to inspire people Bryony said, and we think she’s doing that!

Bryony has done work experience with an inclusive theatre company called ‘The Theatre Shed, and as a company, they believe in inclusivity. I enjoyed my work there, and I wanted to continue helping people with all ranges of abilities and needs, Bryony has also worked for Mencap, and scope and has done voice-over work.

We at It’s Olivia’s World wanted to say thank you to Bryony for sharing her story we are truly inspired by what she is doing, and we hope that she continues her incredible journey to inspire others and do what she loves doing.

Please check out Bryony's Blogs and social platforms.



Instagram: @defeatingdisability

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