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About Paul Issacs 

Paul is an Autism Speaker, Trainer, Author and Consultant in the field of Autism.
Paul has presented speeches for various Autism charities and organisations such as The Berkshire Autistic Society, Autism Harrow, The National Autistic Society and have presented speeches for over three years on a variety of subjects for a variety of audiences such as Parents, People on the Autism Spectrum, Professionals, Special Educational Workers, Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Mental Health Professionals.


Paul is a paragraph For Autism Oxford and presents Autism Training for Employment Services, Police Officers & Community Support Officers, Mental Health Professionals (Social Workers, Psychologists & Psychiatrists), Psychologists & Psychiatrists and other Specialists in the field of Autism this a continuing project. For MacIntyre Care I was an Autism Training Consultant which entails going around different placements within the company presenting speeches and training to staff members.I have written books on the subject of AutismLiving Through The Haze Autobiographical account of my life with AutismThrough A Kaleidoscope (With Irlen Consultant James Billett) A Pocket Size Practical Guide for Parents, Professionals and People on the Autistic SpectrumUnderstanding & Supporting Autistic Students In Specialist SchoolsAutism: Inside Perceptions of Communication, Interaction, Thoughts & FeelingsMy goal is to spread Autism Awareness in the hope that people gain not only an understanding of Autism but also help people with Autism gain happy and fulfilling lives.Specialties: Member Oxfordshire Autism Partnership Board, Autism E-Learning Package,Autism Speeches, Autism Training, Consultancy & Writing SPEAKER AND TRAINING ENQUIRIES BOOKING CONTACT - AROUND BUCKS & OXON AREA ONLY UNITED KINGDOM. 

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