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Olivia Slatter (CEO/Founder)

I am a classically trained musician and opera singer, and music has always been something I've been in tune with, music has helped me develop so many different life skills such as new ways of communication, social activities, and learning to deal with different emotions. By the time I was 8 years of age, I learnt to play 6 instruments flute being my main instrument. I really enjoyed the music the different sounds and mastering a new skill, by the time I was 16 my opera voice was then discovered by Sandy Iliff a family friend who just so happened to be in the entertainment industry, I then trained further and won 1st place at Sylvia Anderson Pink Fab ball event in London, and since then my career as gone above and beyond what I expected, I have worked with some of the best opera coaches, and I have been since to Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance where I did two years, and just recently passed my foundation degree in music at Bishop Grosseteste University.  Even though my education failed, and I got told at school I would end up in a factory, I still went on to do so many different opportunities, no matter what is thrown at you in life you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

During the pandemic at the age of 21, I set up my own choir to try and help people with mental health, and so people had something to do and to look forward to during this difficult time, I managed to get support with Brickwork studio and there we got a £5,000 grant from the national lottery in order to help others overcome this difficult period, we had about 300 members and it was an amazing experience.  

Olivia is the founder and CEO of Olivia's world, after a challenging education and constantly feeling miss understood, and being bullied throughout her childhood for being different, so Olivia wanted to create something to help others not to feel so alone with their disability, and to send people to the right support is important so that others can learn and accept their disability. 

Growing up, olivia always felt different and after being tested for autism spectrum disorder for the first time when she was eight years of age, she was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder. After a long period of time, Olivia then had to go for further testing for autism, as she struggled throughout her life with friendships and socialising and communication. Eventually, after a long 21 years of waiting Olivia was then diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. 

After having difficulty accepting her diagnosis, Olivia continued her opera training but was really struggling to understand this new diagnosis, and found it difficult to explain to others why she would react to things differently. Please hover over and click Olivia's Lockdown Choir to see our project.

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