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Multi Schools Council 

The multi-schools council has been running for just under 10 years. Since creating our small-scale council, with just 4 schools involved, we now have just under 400 schools/colleges signed up across 5 different local authorities.  Currently, most of our work is done across Essex giving children a voice, running awareness sessions in schools, and tackling issues that children tell us are important to them.


At the heart of our council are the voices of our children. We then have an extra layer of voices made up of ambassadors, who you can read about in another section of this website. We speak to young people about how we can break down the negative stigma shown towards children with SEND and mental health difficulties while at the same time naturally doing this through collaborative meetings and events. In time, by educating children in schools about our differences, we hope we will see a more accepting society.


The model we have created in Essex has been so successful that we are looking to expand this work to other local authorities. Our eventual aim is to have a multi-school council in every local authority across the UK so that more and more children, teachers, and parents can understand SEND and mental health difficulties. We firmly believe that we should be in a place where no matter who you are, you are included; we are equal, and you are given a fair opportunity to succeed. Together, we will make a change.


We would like to join this network to continue working with other people who are passionate to create more awareness. 

How we collaborate 

We are collaborating by bringing young people to take over our social media, and our podcasts to help create confidence within the young people of the multi schools council and in general. 

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