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Art and Design Student/ Illustrator

Alex has been self-diagnosed with Dyslexia, ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and has battled with his fair share of Mental Health problems. He has ambitions of becoming an Art or Design based lecturer working with students of all ages. 

Alex is an Art and Design Student, just about to go into his second year of university doing his BA (Hons) Art and Design, he specialises in black and white fine liner illustrations but also explores his creativity with other medias such as paints, different printing methods and anything that he can get a hold of. 

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About Alex Marlow  (Simplex Studios)

Alex has explored Mental Health and invisible disabilities through his practice such as DID (Dissociative Identify Disorder) and documenting his own Mental Health journey through his artwork, he is set the task of illustrating the Mental Health Topics, Invisible and Visible Disabilities that we are going to cover in Olivia’s World.

Alex has vast experience volunteering for youth groups and groups targeted toward children with visible and invisible disabilities.

‘When Olivia asked me to be a part of her world I couldn’t say no, this gives me the chance to illustrate and learn what people go through on a daily, and help explain through drawings rather than words.

Alex Marlow will be are art and design illustrator for Olivia's world, we are excited to have him part of our team. 

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