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About Us

Welcome to It's Olivia's World 

Our Support Group was created as a community for individuals going through similar difficulties. We believe this safe space, where people of all backgrounds can share with and listen to others, can make a huge difference. 


Podcast, Educating different companies

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Our Story

Its Olivia's world was created for individuals with visible and invisible disabilities; we want to educate others across the nation as there are so many stigmas regarding different disabilities. Olivia and Paul are both on the autistic spectrum. We have created a podcast for people who want to be educated and for families or friends who have a personal connection with an autism spectrum disorder.

Olivia is a singer, and will be showcasing other peoples talent and uploading her own videos onto this page, but we will be specifically aiming at people with disabilities as Olivia is an opera singer on the spectrum. 

Please note that we are not a mental health service, but we will provide the appropriate contact numbers and websites if you or anyone else you know are in immediate danger.

Hover over the photos under Mental Health Services, and it will automatically take you to their website. 

Urgent Mental Health Services

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